Karambit Gold Standoff 2 from Sweets Box // Керамбит Голд Стандофф 2 из Упаковки от Вкусняшек

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The link to download the KARAMBIT GOLD template is located below in the description!!!
(Ссылка на скачивание шаблона КЕРАМБИТ ГОЛД находится ниже в описании!!!)
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I made a karambit in a golden skin from the game Standoff2 made of wood with my own hands. Karambit from the packaging of sweets. The layout of the karambit knife. How to make Kerambit Gold from the game Standoff 2 with your own hands. Karambit Gold - model (layout, moulage) from wood. Wooden model DIY. Crafts made of wood with your own hands. Needlework, modeling and hand-made. DIY KARAMBIT knife from garbage with your own hands. Kerambit made of plywood from a box of sweets. Kerambit Gold from StandOff-2. Karambit in the DIY gold skin. Karambit Gold Standoff 2 from Sweets Box.
My name is Dima, I am engaged in making crafts from wood and other materials with my own hands! The main direction of my needlework is crafting-making models of wеароns. I lead a community in VKontakte on wеароns and crafting topics, and also record videos on my Yotube channel Infinity Weapons Craft. The channel already has about 300 issues dedicated to creating crafts, crafting, modeling, hand-made, diy, and tools. Life hacks and tutorials for novice crafters and needleworkers. Under the issues with the production of a particular model, you can download templates (drawings, stencils), according to which you can independently make and repeat the same crafts. Videos on the channel are released 2 times a week, so subscribe to the channel so as not to miss all the fun!